Lisa B. Blackstone, LLC
Lisa B. Blackstone, LLC is a law firm focused on real estate, estate planning, and probate law.  
Her firm delivers superior service and quality work in a traditional southern atmosphere of
courtesy, respect and friendly hospitality.  Clients comment that her style puts them at ease,
regardless of their legal issues.  Lisa sets herself apart from others in several ways.  She is
always available on her cell phone and will travel to meet a client at a convenient location for
them.  Lisa's clients also appreciate the on-going support they receive through her video blog
and personal availability.  She does a great deal of internet marketing.  
Google Lisa!   
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I was nine years old when I learned something
that, I knew at the time, would lead me to law
school one day.  My parents always initiated
thought-provoking conversation when I was
young, but one day a specific conversation
changed the course of my life.  I’ll never forget
it.  My father came in the room with the
newspaper and said “Honey, you’ve got to
understand this concept”, and then he read an
article to me about Rosa Parks, the African
American woman from Selma, Alabama who
refused to sit on the back of the bus.  He
explained, sometimes it’s okay to break bad
laws.  The ensuing conversation about how our
laws change to reflect changes in society started
a lifelong interest in the study of ethics and the
law.  Throughout my life and still today, I hear
my father’s voice asking “Is it the RIGHT thing
to do?” because sometimes the law gets it
wrong.  This lesson instilled a conscience in me
that transcends the question “what is legal?”
Lisa's video blog covers subjects that are
interesting to everyone!  From pertinent legal
issues to daily language trivia, the subjects are
varied, informative and entertaining.  You can
click the above link or go directly to her blog
site at:

The Blackstone Blog

Feel free to contact her directly if you ever
have any questions about the subject matters
contained in the videos.  She is always
expanding her video library!  Plan to stay tuned
for her next editions as she covers topics
relevant and helpful to what
happens if you don't have a will, what to do if
you think you're heading for a divorce, how to
select a great real estate agent, and much,
much more!